Thursday, April 05, 2007


I was flying along yesterday, pedal to the metal, beautiful scented candle burning, tunes going until IT happened. I measured for the bottom hem of the living room curtains when I realized my HUGE mistake. I had sewn 2 panels up to the bottom hem the WRONG WAY! What was supposed to be the width, I had as the length. Did I mention this fabric was 300 cm (118" imperial) wide and that I had perfectly matched the thread?

Oh my aching head!

After I had squared off the end and cut the panels to the required length, I stopped for lunch break. It would appear that in my haste I picked it up the wrong way.

The good news, I lost some time, some thread but it was all fixable. I got almost 1 panel frogged and then went out for a very pleasant supper with my dear husband. It was soooo good to have that get away. When we returned home, I decided not to do more in case something else went wrong.

So this morning in ~ 40 minutes, with my trusty mini rotary cutter I was able to carefully undo yesterday's progress. And so, back to square 1, this time focused and in my zone. I will overcome this 'challenge' I will WIN this battle!

UPDATE: It's shortly after noon, I have completed both of the panels and they look great. Now for a quick lunch and then I have to cut the dining room panels.


Margaret said...

-6 degrees outside!!!! Maybe I do like the LV heat.(lol)
What a sewing experience you've had the past few days. Glad you were able to get it all straightened around.
Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter.

Name: Vicki said...

I am impressed! I have never attempted to make curtains. My mom made all of mine. I want to try someday! However, I tend to do the kind of thing you did when I sew and I'm afraid I would just give up! I am good at making pillows though! I know how much those curtains mean to your DD. I wouldn't take anything for the curtains my mom did!