Monday, April 09, 2007

Crayons & a cast!

Mere hours before we arrived, Alex had an accident. Another trip to emergency and yes...2 bones broken!

It's a red one this time! Hopefully it's a sports model and will help speed up the healing.
Kinda hard to play when you are right handed and it's curl up under a new quilt and watch Scoobie Doo.

And when you feel a bit better, why not sit on the table and cheer your big brother on as he plays a video game!

It was just Joseph & Nannie colouring this morning. Alex gave it a valiant try the previous evening but between the colouring book sliding around and the crayons feeling foreign in left just wasn't going to happen.

Alex, we wish you a speedy recovery! Spring is slowly arriving and there's lots of things to see & do!


Carrie J said...

Very cute kids! Thank goodness we made it through 2 kids without any breaks.
Thanks for your comment on my blog about the template problem. I tried removing the header and it didn't solve the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.

Jamie said...

Oh I hope your little one heals quick! I know you enjoyed your time with them.