Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm interupting my crafting time for LIFE!

As much as I would rather be crafting/stitching away, I must address this annual headache called taxes! I do 3 returns - mine, DH's and my Dad's. Dad has dementia, lives in an assisted living residence and I've been appointed by the courts as trustee. I will zero out again...Dad will get money and you got it...DH will be paying. Hence my reluctance to do this early and have them cash the cheque before I can squeeze another cent or 2 interest.

Once I get that task done and out of my mind a la GTD, I have to concentrate on making a wedding cake! May 5 is a long time away still, right? I didn't think so either, but it was worth a try. I have it all planned out except the ribbon the bride wants to use may be a problem. I have to check over the next day or 2 to see if the colours will run! Seems to me that a butter cream icing with shells etc would be a whole lot easier but it's not what the bride wants. Oh, and we have to transport this 3 layer masterpiece ~ 4 hours down the highway. Note to self...bring extra icing, spatulas for emergency repairs.

I've been dragging today...it all started last night when DH got a call from a friend needing help at a charity function. I knew it would be a late night but I tried to stay up anyways...went to bed around 11:00 pm. DH rang the doorbell at 2:40 am...he grabbed the set of keys w/0 the house key. We use that set for vehicle repairs, valet parking etc. Morning came much too early. I do however have a solution for that....Good night!

Side note - thanks for the good wishes for Alex's speedy recovery. he has his first visit at the cast clinic tomorrow for x-rays.

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Carrie J said...

I didn't realize that you did taxes the same time as us. I thought we were alone in our misery! We are waiting to hear from our accountant. Business taxes are better handled by a pro than me. LOL.
Oh, my blog mysteriously fixed itself. I'm having a little fun with it.