Thursday, May 03, 2007

Great opportunity lost, someone else's gain

Tonight we are working on Kathryn & Jeff's wedding cake for Saturday. It's pouring rain outside, a very gloomy night and I could have used some excitement.

Joe called just before work let out...did I want to go and see Lucille tonight? I must admit my only focus was on the cake - I asked who is she...not a she...okay...where's that band from, have I heard them before?

DUH! Seems Joe was being clever and this was his way of asking me if I wanted to go and see the legendary BB King! DUH! The only thing better would have been BB with Eric! Someone at work had tickets and couldn't go. But alas, the better sense took hold and I said we had commit to the cake and not leave it until the last Friday night on Jeff K's pool table!!!!!

I hope whomever got the tickets enjoyed themselves...I'll just put a couple Cd's into the changer and be happy with that! Thanks for the lovely offer Joe! Another day and that would have been a YES Please!


Vonna said...

Oh, wow...I bet Lucille was a beauty that night :)
But how honorable of you to pass them up and do the cake :)

Pumpkin said...

Oh no Alberta! That would have been a wonderful concert but sometimes we have to sacrifice ;o)

Wendy said...

I'm sure the wedding cake will be superb and well worth missing the concert. But I feel bad that you had to miss out on it!

Margaret said...

Yesterday was a BUSY day for you but I'm sure the cake was a big success.
Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing Sunday.