Thursday, May 03, 2007

How could I forget?

Yesterday I got DH's wedding duds all picked out, he did a try on...everything is good, just need to put a little TLC on his Clark shoes. I have my outfit ready and while I was in the bath last night, I realized I didn't have my hose! I hate pantyhose...1 size does not fit all no matter what the package says. Do I go for the size the package says should fit me or go a size up and actually have the ability to breath when I sit down?????


Margaret said...

What a worry combination - get that wedding cake made & get comfortable pantyhose!! Good luck in both areas and have a great time at the wedding. Hope it turns out to be a lovely sunny day.

Jamie said...

Go for whatever is most comfortable to you. Personally I'd rather not breathe as long as they pantyhose stay up!

Cindi said...

Go for knee highs!