Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TipNut anyone?

TipNut is a place to find all sorts of ingenious ideas. Today's hint...a recipe for homemade blackhead remover...ouch, sounds painful! However I am planning on trying that hint for dog spots on the lawn. i know I should water where she does right after she goes, but how do you do that in the winter when things are covered with 4 feet of the frozen white stuff. Anyways, the hint is to cover the brown spots liberally with white sugar - hey I have that! and then water. What do I have to lose but a little sugar, water and time! Will let you know if anything exciting happens!

Welcome Sandy to my blog. Any hint that will make life easier/cheaper is a good thing int the words of M*rth* Stew*rt! I love your blog, so am adding it to my list of fave's!


Wendy said...

Gorgeous wedding pictures, Berta! Beautiful bride and I love to see guys in those gorgeous red uniforms. And the cake looks superb! Bet it was tasty too.

Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog ~ you touched my heart!

Jamie said...

I love that website. Thanks for the find.

Sandy said...

Thanks for the website, I'd never heard of it. Great ideas there.