Thursday, May 10, 2007

Your thoughts?

While my finger heals, I dug out my Mother's old needlework frames and got most of the pieces...missing a couple of wing nuts. I usually just hold my scroll frame or hoop, but my carpal tunnel is flaring up with a vengeance.

This frame can be 'squeezed' together for smaller projects but I'm not sure how to attach my fabric to the rods. There are no indications that it ever had tape attached.

I'm still missing a couple of wing nuts. Should this extra wood piece be towards the uprights or towards the center? Either way I won't be able to twirl it over to work on the back side because of the dowels.

This frame is so wide it will be awkward to work on and to store. I'd have to sit in the dining room all by myself and what fun would that be! Mom used this for her needle points.

Miss you Mom!


AnnMcD said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am really enjoying the little bit of blogging I have done so far. And now that I am being read by people I haven't met yet it is even better.
I would be honoured if you added my blog to your list of fave crafters...
Ann from Knowledge and Needles

Wendy said...

Interesting looking frame! May be try looking into a table stand for yourself, one that you can rest on your knees. They come with adjustable bars, I think, and are much easier for threading your ends in at the back of your work. And being portable helps for where to put it when not in use.

I have a floor stand that just has a clamp that will hold scroll rods, and then you can flip it back and forth for starting and finishing.

Pumpkin said...

What a lovely frame Alberta! I can see what you mean but is there some way you can alter it? I rarely use mine but I find for really large or beaded projects it does come in handy :o)