Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Poor Fred!

I didn't get any stitching (on any project) done yesterday. I was in the garden, moving mulch around by the wheel barrow. Since the shed demolition, my flower beds have changed from partial shade to full sun and I'm busy re-arranging my plants. So, that means moving the mulch around, and taking up the garden lights, turning the soil, etc...Did I mention I am quite stiff this morning? But I'm not done yet!

More great concerts coming to our area. I'd love to see Bon Jovi but at $179/ticket, it isn't going to happen unless I win a radio concert. Also coming is Crowded House, and on a different note, Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup books and The Success Principles.

Genesis is also touring this summer/year. A local radio station is promoting a contest for tickets for 2 plus airfare to TO for the show...too bad they aren't coming closer to our neck of the woods. I may be tempted to reach deeply in my pockets for that show! Oh well...maybe I'll just buy a new disc!

So, have a great day while I get back it and get some dirt under my nails!


Pumpkin said...

BON JOVI! BON JOVI! Sigh! Oh how I wish I could go to that :o)

Wendy said...

Those concerts sound great.....I usually don't get to many of them either.

Poor girl - you sound like you had a rough weekend! {{{hugs}}}