Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What's in a name?

Seems as a grandmother, my name has evolved as the grandchildren have grown.

This past weekend, my eldest grandson (5) asked if he could call me Alberta. I said 'Yes' as this is my name. This conversation was just between the 2 of us...I think the guys were out for a bike ride.

Later that afternoon, Joey was outside in the back yard, I was in the kitchen getting cool drinks. Joey seen me through the open window and called me Alberta and then proceeded with a small request. Papa was within hearing distance and was somewhat surprised. He asked Joey why he was calling me Alberta. Joey's reply...'because I like the name!'

Well as the weekend unfolded, my name went from Nannie to Alberta to just 'Nan'! Aren't these great times!


Margaret said...

Kids are so cute in all the things they say and do. You must be having a ball wondering what they will come up with next.
Like you I haven't been working on Fred much. Today is another SAL day that will probably pass me by as we're having 5 people over for dinner tonight and I also have a bit of work to get out of the way. Hopefully next week will be a Fred week.
Thanks for your lovely email - there's an answer started in my 'drafts'. Will send it soon.

Dawn said...

Your grandson is so lucky to have a grandma like you! To this day the only thing I can call my Grandma is Grandmother.

Pumpkin said...

Children are pretty funny. My little nephew was here today (he's just over a year old) and he likes to call Pickles (the rabbit) kitty :o)