Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Where did I get the extra thumbs?

No, the fabric didn't sprout thumbs, I must have!

I picked up these fun fabrics for giant pillow cases for our youngest grandson's play pen pad. With him getting more active by the minute and his parents doing some summer travel, he will be spending more time in his playpen. I didn't think the plastic covered pad would be very comfortable on hot August days/nights.

My quick plan of serging these up went amuck when the lower looper broke and then re-broke after I re-threaded it. Not sure why but I ended up rethreading the whole thing and I just couldn't get my fingers coordinated with that silly set of bent tweezers! I finally had to walk away and clear my mind and relax my hands...then it went OK and I got them made. Now to get them in the mail!


Pumpkin said...

Such cute fabric! Everyone has one of those days and if you've got the hot weather like we do, it doesn't take long to loose your patience ;o)

Jamie said...

Such a cute idea. I also love the name post - so sweet!!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

What a wonderful idea! I bought extra sheets for Caleb's so I could put two on and hope to keep the plastic away from his skin as well...he spends a lot of time in his playpen while we are on the move during the summer visiting family and friends and it is his "crib" while we are at the cottage. I'm sure your grandson will be in "grandma induced dreams" very soon.