Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Busy but not stitching

My head has been spinning a bit with all the things on my plate of late.

Dad's audit...the papers are almost all ready to go except waiting for current assets from the various insurance companies...of course they are spread all over the country!

Personal paperwork is looking better every day. I'm trimming the excess paper in the file drawers. New file folder labels brighten things up considerably. Shredder getting a good workout.

Garden - annuals all cleaned up as are most of the frost damaged perennials. I've laid the groundwork for the 2 new expanded flower beds. My hostas took off like crazy this past year and quickly outgrew their spot. Hopefully, weather permitting this weekend, we'll have them finalized and then I'll gently move them into their new home. One the one bed, I've added about 4' x 20'! I can't wait until next spring!

Summer clothes are slowly getting gathered up to put away for another year. I've already pulled out a couple of winter type sweaters and yes, I did dig out my woolen socks! Tis the season!!!!

Hot tub was winterized and shut down. If we get a great weekend, we'll sand down the wood sides and recoat after a minor repair.

DD's wedding plans are coming along, got a bit more done, decoration wise. My closet in the guest room is starting to scream at the seams. Still working out the logistics of where to put all the Maritimers who are planning to come out...thank goodness they are all easy going people who know how to have fun in every situation!

DH is doing much better is all avenues. There is a sense of calm about him that has been missing for quite a while. Today is date night - checking out our local AJHL hockey team.

Training for next June's charity walk continues. I'm feeling stronger every time I walk. I was getting quite discouraged when my weigh plateaued for ~ 3 weeks but then overnight almost, there was a significant drop in pounds. Although I have a skirt in my closet I keep as a goal, I realize that I'll probably never wear it, but close would be very nice indeed! I've made some small changes in diet, eating more often and smaller amounts seem to be helping. I'm not starved when I eat and can slow down to enjoy it. I've teamed up with our youngest DD for weekly check ins and support.

I finished the Linen Heart, but need to research a flat fold finish. I'll post pics when I get it all done. Fred, alas, has been ignored but never forgotten. If it continues to rain thorough the day, I think I'll pick him up again and do another book.

Until next time,
Stay healthy & happy!


Pumpkin said...

Wow! You've had a busy time this month! You make fall seem so exhausting ;o)

You know you don't have to go out of your way for me when I come to the wedding ;o) LOL! I couldn't resist!

Weight. Yes. Terrible subject. Don't give up on your goal though. It seems to have taken me about seven years to loose the weight I wanted to. I'll give you two hints...1) listen to Dr. Oz and 2) throw out anything with hydrogenated oils in it ;o)

Wendy said...

You are so busy! I should lose weight just listening to all that you do LOL!

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

What a wonderful made my day.