Saturday, September 22, 2007

Last few hours of summer 2007

What can I say except today has seen it all. Cool crisp morning - our furnace kicked in-I got a few things done in the garden before the heavens opened to cold rain. Back into the house to wait with DH for his ride to Cowtown. UFC tonight and he & his buddy had a motorcycle trip planned, but the weather had other ideas, so they drove, less worry for me.

While it continued to rain, I did some stitching and listen to some tunes. It wasn't until lunch that I realized my feet were so cold. Was it a lack of movement...not sure.

The sun came out soon afters and I found it warmer outside than in, so out to the garden I went. Brought in the rest of my carrots which I shared with my neighbour. Did a little prep for draining the hot tub tomorrow. I had to laugh/cry when I seen Dawn's post. That could have been me a few years ago. DH wanted to try winterizing it on his own but I wanted to KNOW it was done right so we got a technician out to show us how to do it properly. That was good money spent wisely!

Thanks again for all your continues support and interest in my piece of the world. When I count my friends...I count you TWICE!

Take care

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Pumpkin said...

We had a weird weekend weather wise as well. I think fall is officially here :o) We refuse to turn on the heat until November though. LOL!