Sunday, September 09, 2007

What a great Saturday!

We had a few chores planned, nothing special but somehow the day became special. Almost as if that bump hadn't happened - we were on the same page, heading in the same direction.

The day with me getting at my usual time. I have never had the ability to sleep in since my early 20's. So I had the quietness of the house all to myself. After coffee was made I checked my bloglines, while waiting for the morning paper. I read that with a second cup!

DH finally got up - he had a busy week so to sleep in was a treat! I made breakfast of eggs & ham, we cleaned up the kitchen before dressing and heading out the door.

I had bought a cardigan but needed to exchange it for a smaller size...happy dance...then we picked up some work clothes for DH. I find we buy 3 new pants and a shirt or 2 every 6 - months...which isn't bad. DD works in a nice clothing store that we all love and she had gifted me with a VIP discount card. 30% off!!!! Can't complain. I will be hemming the pants sometime today, oh well, it'll be nice to sit listen to some great music and stitch away in peace.

We also picked up the RV antifreeze using a gift card that DH it was almost free. We splurged and bought me a garden spade with the small square bottom. I'm sorting through my tools, eliminating the ones I don't use - dutch hoe for 1 - and replacing the worn ones.

We picked up the camper, brought it home and after a quick lunch of soup & crackers we got at it. Despite the rain, we were done in short order and were heading back to store it for the winter.

DH made us a batch of jambalaya for supper and after chatting with our dear neighbour outside, he dished up some for her which I ran over.

The whole day went like that...I would start to do something and he would be right there to lend a hand or pick up the slack. One thing flowed almost flawlessly into the next. We even managed a 4km walk together. DH has been slacking off and I'm not pushing him. I'm OK going by myself but company is nicer.

Not sure what today will bring but I'm smiling already! The sunrise is spectacular and I'm heading out to the hot tub with a steaming cup of coffee to enjoy it!

Take care all!


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Isn't it great when days go like that? Glad to hear that you and DH had a great day and I hope today was more of the same.

Margaret said...

So wonderful to hear that you & DH had such a wonderful day.

Pumpkin said...


That's SO wonderful Berta!!!! I love having those days but they're not there 7 days a week and that's okay :o) It's great to hear you so happy and in great spirits again.

Wendy said...

It sounds like such a simple, wonderful day! Thanks for sharing :-D