Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fred update Sept 11

I didn't work much on Fred this past week, been outside enjoying the lovely weather, cleaning up the garden, dividing perennials and so forth. I'm so glad that I treated myself to that because today is plain ugly, weather wise. The temperature is hovering around 4.5'C with a brisk north wind. Poor dog didn't even want to go outside. The leaves are struggling to remain on the trees. My view is changing faster than I would wish for, To top it all off...DH phoned to call me it was snowing where he was. He's driving home this afternoon and I do hope he takes to heart the fact that he can leave that white stuff right where it is! Brrr...time to make a hot cup of Earl Grey!

Just checked out local forecast etc...and was appalled to learn we had a wind chill factor of -1'C!!!! Hope the sun is warmly shining for you!


Mia said...

Brrrrrr...I am not jealous of your weather Berta. I am looking forward to the weather staying cooler but not to the snow and winds of winter.

Pumpkin said...

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! Not the "S" word! Not yet! LOL!

You can keep it over your way Berta ;o)

Bliss said...

I would love weather like that! Here, our average winter temperature is 19 - 25C during the day, but rarely more than 5 nights of anything under 5C