Monday, October 15, 2007

Can it get any better than this?

Joe surprised me Thursday with a dozen gorgeous blue roses which are just starting to open. He brought supper in...our favorites from the local Chinese restaurant along with a fruity bottle of wine. We stayed home, and just enjoyed ourselves. Part 2 of our anniversary was dinner theater at Jubilations last night...we seen a very funny version of 24 entitled 29! Jack was just as intense as the original and even stopped by our table to discuss various future plots and the fact he hasn't slept in 6 seasons! We shared our table with 2 other fans - both named Laurie! - of the show and just had so many laughs our faces hurt.

The weekend weather cooperated, and we had so much fun with the Becks...Thing 1 went golfing - 18 holes!- with Daddy and Papa. Thing 2 escorted Mommy & Nannie in the search for new playroom curtain fabric and thing 1's Beaver uniform. I thought there would be more grief about the tub being winterized...Thing 1 called me Friday to say he would help me put the water back in...what a dear! Sunday, shortly before leaving he then asked why we don't live closer to him?
Preparing to collect apples!
Thing 1 up the tree dropping apples to Thing 2
Handsome young Beaver
We've discussed this to great lengths. If we were closer, it would be easier to attend all the school concerts, skating lessons and broken arm clinics. But we would lose the overnight stays and the excitement of seeing what is new in a grand way. The anticipation of the visit is very much part of the whole visit we'll stay put and relish our together times that much more.

After thinking about this for such a long time, DH got an electric guitar. He works hard long hours and deserves a nice way to relax and kick back...lucky me, I get to enjoy all these impromptu jam sessions! SIL & DGS couldn't wait to give it a try! Life is sweet!

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Pumpkin said...

WOW! Those are GORGEOUS! I've never seen blue roses before. That was very sweet of DH :o)