Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm back!

A whole week without a post! How shameful! NOT!

We had a marvelous Thanksgiving weekend...the highlight being Brenda's visit yesterday. Joe hadn't seen her since we left BC many moons ago(19 yrs), but they didn't let that get in the way! We all chatted away about anything and everything, generally solving nothing but feeling better for having voiced our opinions! I don't know where the years went but I know how much I enjoyed the hours we had with Brenda...she's one of those special people you meet and immediately click. I think we will have to heed her advice about getting off our duffs and go down next fall for a wine tour!
By the way...if you challenge her to Scrabble and she claims she's rusty...beware! I won the first game, then Joe won and one the third challenge, Brenda opened with 'quick'...of course the q was on a double letter and the whole word was then doubled. Joe tried but couldn't recover, and I just managed to keep my head above water! But was it fun!

I had a good talk with Brenda about caring for people with Alzheimers...she gave me such a warm feeling about the care my father is receiving. Brenda has her own special people through her work. There are those who go the extra step to make the residents retain their dignity and yet gently guide them along. She is going great work!

Our trip to see Dad was good, although the Calgary-Med Hat was was iffy at best. The conference went well, ironed out a few problems, and clarified other aspects. Dad will stay where he is...it's the best thing for him, even though I do miss his company terribly. It is so hard to visit during the winter months - between the road conditions, our schedule and the ever present thought 'Am I carrying a flu bug that could put the residents in jeopardy?' All relevant.

Here's Dad with my younger sister and then with Joe. For some reason my photos was blurry...hopefully it was operator error and not the camera!

Dad was having a good day when we arrived, his face lit up in a huge smile was we came through the day and he even managed to get Joe's name out! I am going to get Dad a subscription to the local daily newspaper...not sure how much he takes in but it's an important part of his day and has been for many years.

On a side note...I have a couple rows of romaine lettuce peeking out of the greenhouse bed! I don't have to rush and get the bacon & croutons ready but when the time is right, we will be having a beautiful caesar salad!

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Pumpkin said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :o) Those are great pictures Berta, something that will last forever. I know it will be hard over the winter but at least you know you're dad is in a good place. Hugs!