Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Enlarged flower bed

This end was doubled in depth...the fiddleheads and the hostas had outgrown their locations. If the weather holds, I'll transplant them into the larger area.
This corner will be home of my astilbe collection. I love their feathery appearance and I should be able to view then from many vantage points.
This will be planted up with some reblooming lillies. I realize that we'll have to imbed a couple of stepping stones so the grandkids can just dart out onto the lawn as they have in the past. So far, our dog has walked around...but there's a towel hand just in case.

We have plans to sand & refinish the hot tub and order a new top. We'll keep the old one for winter use. We are still unsure what to do with new sunny deck...I have to check with the town bylaws office in regards to arbour/pergola height restrictions. Joe wants to grow more grapes!!!!

So leave me a comment - I always enjoy another point of view!


Wendy said...

I can just envision all the wondrous flowers growing in your new beds. It must be so hard to wait for spring to come around to start planting in these lovely new gardens already. Ah, the hot tub...I'm jealous :0D

Pumpkin said...

That's going to be so nice once you get the plants back in. I love hostas and astilbes! We have them growing in the back bed :o) Nice work!

Name: Vicki said...

You have really been a busy gardener! I know it is going to be beautiful! I wish I could get something to grow in my yard! Have a great day!