Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October 1

What else should I do on such a fine day...while awaiting still more information to trickle in for my audit? Play in the greenhouse!

After a year, I decided that I wanted an inground bed in the greenhouse. Joe supplied the labour over the weekend and today I planted romaine lettuce, beets and swiss chard. There's nothing like pushing the growing season....will let you know if anything grows.
Over the inground bed, Joe built a rack system. I have a second wire rack rack stored under the top one. The idea is we'll figure out the spacing some I can adjust the racks as I need them. Obviously flats of seedlings need much less room than plants. The top cross piece will have hooks installed so I can hang my baskets and or dry herbs or sunflower heads. The rack is set back closer to the glazing but still within arms reach.
The other side of the greenhouse has my rack with potting soil and my clay pots. In the corner you can see the water barrel which is half full for the winter. I have yet to decide on the darker side of the greenhouse, layout and use...again I think I need to use it as is and make notes about what works and what doesn't. Right now 2/3 of the floor is still unfinished, I dropped the outdoor carpet down just for the winter, but eventually it will be a gravel bed of sorts...clean but with great drainage. The shelves may make way for a potting bench.
Close up of the top rack is service. I have a pot of lavender and lupins...both will be guinea pigs of sorts. Again a case of pushing the growing season. Besides, there is nothing more soothing than brushing your hand through the lavender and breathing deeply!

Just found out it (faxes I was waiting for) was a case of miscommunication...me waiting for faxes when the bank thought I was picking them up! At least the sensitive information did not go astray!


Pumpkin said...

You are a busy woman! We'd love to have a greenhouse. I wonder how long you can extend the growing season. Let us know :o)

loretta said...

I wish I had a green thumb and could grow herbs and things well enough to call it a garden!