Monday, February 18, 2008

DMC Floss question

I'm still winding floss and came across 3 with 2 numbers on the label. So now what do I do? Should I label the bobbin with the bold number, or try and include both?

DH is so happy with his newly painted room, he spent much of the weekend tweaking it and hanging his photos etc. Bonus for me, I got 2 lights re-wired!!!!

DH surprised me with great seats Friday evening to the BP men's curling in Spruce Grove. Got to see Randy Ferbey and team win...but they eventually lost Sunday to Kevin Martin's team who go on to represent AB in the upcoming Tim Horten's Briar next month. DH was so lucky he got the 2nd last parking spot right next to the arena!

We had a fabulous weekend, weather wise, snow is melting at an alarming rate, leaving us the problem of sidewalks icing overnight. Dug out the ice melt just to keep things safe. I love out longer days and having a window open during the day. It even smells like spring fast approaching!

Today is Family Day here, but because of the nature of DH's employment, he is required to work. We'll get an extra day off in August. Hope you enjoy your Monday as much as I am going to....lots of stuff to do, legal documents to re-read, Fred to stitch and some more quilting to work on! It's all good.


Bliss said...

Hi Berta, I was just visiting your site & went to visit the Joanne site because of something on your site, & while I was gone you wrote another blog entry! Good thing Joanne isn't here in Australia.

A propos to the floss # question, I always put both on cos sometimes on older patterns it asks for that old colour number.

Have a happy Monday. It was a pretty good one here.

Pumpkin said...

I would include both :o)

That was very sweet of DH but then again, you did paint a whole room for him! ;o) Glad you had a great time.

I wish we had Family Day here! I say no fair ;oP