Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Higher power telling me something?

I finally got my documents witnessed/stamped and ready for the courier. I came home to photocopy everything, just in case, and while I was doing that, I heard this loud scraping noise outside. When I looked out my front window...with my package ready to go, I discovered our dear town is scraping the roads right down to the pavement and I have a huge windrow blocking my way!

Oops...I stand corrected, they have made another pass and there's a sliver of space...I should be able to squeeze onto the road, but the real question is....what does it look like around the bend? Can I get out??????

Well it's almost lunch time, so I will take a break, relax and then head out.

Great evening planned...dinner with DH and some friends and then we are off to see Riverdance!

1 comment:

Pumpkin said...

Oh my! Maybe it's telling you to take a break? ;o)

Riverdance huh?