Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Higher Power part 2

I just returned from couriering off 'the package' feeling better that this will soon be done.


I just checked email...there sitting in the inbox, another communique from my contact person with the legal firm. Yesterday I send them 2 corrections on a form that did not require signatures etc...my name was misspelled and I informed them that I was now retired and a full time homemaker.

I am the very same person I was when I worked, but now THEY WANT MY QUALIFICATIONS & RESUME!

I just want to say forget it. I give up, roll over and play dead. I've been doing this 'position' without compensation since the whole inception in 2002. I've been audited in 2002, 2003, obtained Dad's divorce in 2004, as well as an audit 2004.

To say that my books have been scrutinized would be an under statement. I am working with the same legal firm with the same lawyer since the beginning although my 'contact' person has changed...

Maybe I'm just super sensitive today/this week/month/year...or maybe it's just PICK ON Berta Day. I do know that I will not respond to this today. It wouldn't be pretty and I need to choose my words carefully because I'm not seeing the 'whole picture'.

I'm going to shut my computer down, have a cup of tea, listen to some great music and then dress for my big night out! Tomorrow is a brand new day full of possibilities and opportunities.

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Pumpkin said...

Oh Berta! ((((HUGS)))) I think this is telling you to sit back for a bit. What a pita! Don't you wish you could just tell them to go fly a kite? Make yourself a cup of tea, get some chocolate and sit and stitch for a bit ;o)