Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A new day

I feel so much better than when I last posted yesterday. It was good to step back from the issues and quietly reflect.

DH & I went out for a lovely German meal with dear friends before heading to Riverdance. We got there early, found our great seats and even listened to some of the pre show practice...I knew I was in for a great diversion and I wasn't disappointed. It was just what I needed to release all those bad vibes.

I sent off a letter outlining my concerns to my lawyer and there it stands. I feel good about what I have done, said and the direction I see this going. If the courts decide they would prefer someone else to take on the task, so be it. I know I did my very best for Dad and kept the most accurate records as I could.

I've been listening to some inspirational music to help soothe my spirit which did feel a bit battered. Spirit Wings from Room 217 was my choice before moving on to some Neil Diamond. I just had to crank up the volume on Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show, Soolaimon and I Am I Said. Amazing isn't it, how powerful music is...I love it!

Enjoy the day - I am!


Pumpkin said...

Good for you Berta! Now if I can just do the same ;o) We can only do what we can do.

I've never seen Riverdance and I'm glad you had a nice time. I imagine it would be wonderful to see!

Now there's some tunes to rock to! LOL!

Margaret said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening with your friends. What can be better than good friends and good food. Riverdance must have been the icing on the cake.