Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy week behind me

Frederick is fast approaching all the detail work. I'm both sad that it's coming to an end but excited about new things to come. I picked up some 28 ct Jobelan in Antique White for my next project. Now to get the threads together!

I finally co-ordinated a substantial Pay It Forward action. I knew a long time ago that I wouldn't be going back to machine knitting but it took forever for my heart to understand that it sitting there collecting dust wasn't good for me or the machine. So through some 'divine' intervention, I learned that a cyber friend of mine had been a machine knitter in the past by due to finances, had to part with it. She's also big into charity work through her Bible Study group so...I casually mentioned that I needed to find a good home for my machine. BINGO! We had a great match, she always wanted to have another one, but money was tight as it is for so many of us. I researched trying to sell it, but I didn't think I wanted to part with it for $50 - $100 (the going rate around here). To me it was worth so much more and I wanted someone to really be excited about getting it, and not bragging about the great deal they got. Does that make sense?

Anyways, we finally met up in a public place. She is a lovely woman and so excited about the possibilities to come. I felt so good handing it over, along with all the goodies I had collected over the years. We both left with huge grins on my face. She emailed me later with more thanks. She read through the manuals, excited that she remembered so much and excited to get started on her first project. It was good for both of us.

So now I have a bit more space in my craft area. I don't have that guilty feeling. That phase of my life has passed, it was good back then, but I've changed and enjoy the simpler things now like cross stitch where the process is as much the joy as the finished results.

Who knows what else I'll pass forward, but I do know it won't be my stash for quite a while...having too much fun!


Jennifer said...

Wow - that's so sweet and generous! I think it really fits the true spirit of "pay it forward"!

Pumpkin said...

What a wonderful pay-it-forward Berta!!!! That was so thoughtful of you :o) Those are the acts of kindness that will be remembered.

So what's next after Fred?