Friday, March 14, 2008

Aah! Need more fabric!

I found that elusive last piece of gold to put the stars pop, but I'm not happy with the greens & I think I better look around some more! Hey our early spring has faded back to sub minus temperatures and I for one am not pleased about it.

Also while I'm out and about this weekend, maybe checking into a patio set for the back deck...our old picnic table has seen better days but I can refresh it with another coat of paint but I'd like something nicer!...I'll also stop by a LNS that I heard is going out of business late April. How sad is that but perhaps I can find something suitable for Just Nan's Barnabee's Quest. I found a potential Sunday SAL at Chris Cross Corner I do seem to stay on target more if there's a wee bid of competition along with the appropriate encouragement. Michelle is further along in her project, having picked it back up form last year. Funny how it was the be the right project at the right time .

I hope the weekend is filled with relaxing endevours. Take care!

1 comment:

Pumpkin said...

Oh no, who's going out of business now? :o(

Don't feel bad, we still have LOTS of snow here. Grrrr!