Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's that...a new project?

Is this the sign of a s*ck mind or fabric add*ct?

I went to sleep last night after browsing through a couple of quilting books I picked up at the library and the first thing that crossed my mind when my feet hit the floor is today I'm prepping the fabric for JR's quilt!

The blues and greens will be made up in a type of bargello fashion with friendship stars in the golds scattered about. The red will show up as small punches of colour throughout. I made need to pick up 1 more darker gold.

I had seen a gorgeous quilt in Mary Ellen Hopkins book Kansas Connections 4 7/8 and that is my inspiration. As with past Mary Ellen quilt blocks, I'm sure this one will be another pleasure to make up!

Our weather this week has been fabulous. Weather gurus said we lost about 10 cm of snow, but the thermometer is starting to drop again and there are reports of fresh white stuff on the way! that's OK, I have something to keep me busy!

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Aha - a fabric addict!!! Lovely colors Berta. These will make a great quilt.