Thursday, March 20, 2008

This & That

First all I must say a huge Happy Birthday to our youngest daughter Lesley. She turned 30 today...where did the years go? We'll meet her tomorrow for lunch with the boys and then the great hand off...Joey is coming back for the long weekend. I can't wait until Alex is ready for his solo visits. We have so much fun. We have bowling and mini golf on the agenda and perhaps a movie - Horten Hears a Who.

The phone calls from Tuesday have all been follow upped. I have paper coming to support the charges etc. Due diligence and all that.

Late yesterday afternoon I got a call from the lawyer about the never ending audit. We have a court date today but they are still awaiting the documents from one of my sisters...did I know of a problem or delay? Nope, but I would check it out. As it turned out, she was working late, which made my evening long and anxious. However we finally connected and everything is fine with the financial statements etc...she signed, had witnessed and photocopied her documents before throwing them in the mail 10 days ago. She lives in a major city in the next province over. So...I emailed the lawyer last night with this tidbit...not sure if our court appointment will once again get pushed ahead while we wait for snail mail to show itself. I'm getting so tired waiting for the conclusion of this - it's been 6 months already.

Top of that delay with the fast approaching tax deadline next month and all my originals are tired up with this audit. Sooooo I've contacted and needed people to get original summaries so I can get the return started and if needed filed with these new documents should the audit drag on even longer. It'll probably save me a ton of money...1 page summary instead of 12 individual sheets.

Garden tomatoes are popping their little heads out of the starter mix! I hadn't realized that DH was worried about me because I hadn't started them yet! Sorry dear. Tonight's garden meeting has an expert orchid grower coming great is that! I've always admired them but thought they were out of my comfort zone! Maybe not after tonight!

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter. Be careful on the roads this weekend if you are traveling.


Pumpkin said...

Berta, I hope this whole mess is over soon for you. What a thing to deal with and for so long too.

Happy Birthday to your daughter! It will be nice to have your grandson over and that should take your mind off of things for a bit ;o)

Have a Happy Easter!

Bliss said...

Berta, Have a happy Easter. You are in my thoughts.

Margaret said...

A belated Happy Birthday to your daughter. Have a fun weekend with Joey and Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones..