Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It comes in 3's

  1. Joe takes my car into the city for an oil change, and a car wash. Very shortly afterwards there's black smoke everywhere and the RPM's are racing over 5ooo. He pulls over and turns off the car.
  2. Joe calls me to go meet him - I have the AMA membership for touring - but alas...he has the keys to his work truck which is parked behind our truck!!!! He gets a ride from a co-worker who happened to be going in this general direction.
  3. We finally (after 2 hours waiting in the funeral home parking lot) get the tow truck, talk to the VW service dept...it may be a blown sensor...we run into C*stc* for a few necessities and when we are driving back, Joe realizes something important fell out of his pocket...his brand new hearing aid! So back we go and try to find it. We did, and it still works.

I hope this is an indication of the happy resolution of the auto problem! Won't know anything until Friday....they are busy!

Keep your fingers crossed!

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Pumpkin said...

Oh dear, you've had quite the day :o( ((((HUGS))))