Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I had a couple of spare minutes

But didn't stitch!

I'm putting the finishing touches on our eldest DD's rocking chair she received for her first Christmas. The whole thing needed to be taken apart, re glued, sanded and finished. It was a a walnut stain but with the wood repairs, we decided to paint it a lovely mid blue. Tomorrow I'm off on a road trip south to see the grandkids...and present the rocker to DD's son Jonathan with her blessing. A nice family tradition.

I'm also finishing up new curtains for our youngest DD's home. Olive green for Joey's bedroom and a vanilla sheet for the hallway window.

Tomorrow I'll take in my first official Stampin Up card making session...for some reason I always got a paper cut, but will try hard not to bleed on the pretty paper!

I'm back at home late Friday but with the whole gang in tow...I think we are golfing, bowling and relaxing in the hot tube this weekend...and throw in a little Mother's Day R & R while we are at it!

Take care!

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Pumpkin said...

No wonder you didn't stitch! I'm exhausted just reading all that ;o)