Monday, May 05, 2008

I SO want to stitch but this is a crazy time

Seems the wedding ball is rolling faster & faster downhill! If I don't keep moving it will surely run me down! I'm glad this is the last wedding! Did you know we don't live near the bride and the wedding venue, so we have to haul everything up and down the QE2! Oh well...this is what it is and we are trying to make the best of it.

For those wanting to know, the gown is

Flowers are going to have that just picked look, lots of colours, very young & fresh.

The overall feeling of the wedding is a garden party. We have turquoise flower pots for the table decorations. We are filling them with a weight bunch of helium balloons and then cover the mechanics with whole coffee beans for the dirt.

We have a trellis unit to finalize details on...I think some tulle with some greenery twisted in and around would be nice.

The DJ has been interviewed at another function so we're happy with that choice.

The menu will be a cold buffet. We were tossing around the idea of a steak.chicken BBQ but the last wedding we attended was during a heat wave and everyone just wanted a cold meal. Some besides roast beef, turkey, ham, lots of different salads, rolls, pickles and cheeses we are adding a couple of tray of shrimp and possibly crab legs. The Grooms' aunt is making the cake as her gift to the happy couple and we will have a couple of trays of mixed squares to go along with tea & coffee.

The groom's Dad is looking after the wine & liquor for the event...thank goodness! Just the thought of how much ice and pop to get would give me a headache! DH's specialty is food service, so we are quite comfortable with that task.

Pastor Wayne will conduct the service. Close family friends will be photographers...the couple isn't in the stiff formal photo sessions, but want lots of casual as it happens shots.

We have wedding favours of tea light and holder for everyone. We are now thinking of colouring book and snacks for the kids attending. Something to keep them busy. We are setting up a tv dvd station off to the side so they can relax with a couple great kid movies and not get totally bored.

DH & I have YET to find something suitable to case you didn't know it, I HATE clothes shopping! Especially new bras and shoes...and that will be a must! My 2 most important body parts hurt already!!!!!

So that is why I haven't been stitching and updating of late. Margaret and I are going to start 4 Season Chairs this summer and do each season as we go through it. I'm sure by the time the wedding is done, I'll be in fine shape so some quiet stitching off in the shade!

FYI - Frederick is now 1 year old and incomplete. I found backstitching more of a personal challenge and decided to put him down before the frogs arrived. But he is not forgotten, I just need more quiet time to work through each section...I get mixed up easily.

I hope everyone is well and doing some lovely stitching. Please keep posting about your accomplishments. I try and check the blogs whenever I have or need a few quiet moments.

Take care!

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Pumpkin said...

Oh my! I just LOVE that dress!!! I keep telling DH that I want to get married again so I can go shopping for another wedding dress but he refuses :oP

It sounds like you're very organized and that's usually the hardest part. DH bought my dress and shoes this past weekend for his sister's wedding in September so I'm good to go :o)

Fred is looking awesome and you'll get back to him when you get the time.