Monday, May 26, 2008

Life's mysteries

Cancer continues to plague my circle of friends & family. I recently learned that my SIL's father should put his affairs in order. They aren't open people, keep things very private so we don't know the depth of the situation. In the meantime, he's in our prayers. I know how much SIL hurts not being informed.

Another email from the daughter of Joe's past co-workers, S was recently diagnosed with lung (stage 4) and ovarian cancer. Her daughter D had just returned home to the Maritimes after visiting S in a SK the official word. I'll be adding S to my Uncover the Cure walk T-Shirt. I hope it gives her the strength to fight longer for her family. They are very close knit.

I usually love Mondays and the promise of a great week to has been an emotional one. I'll reflect while I'm in my garden today.

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Pumpkin said...

You know I'm thinking of you and your loved ones ((((HUGS))))