Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did you know this? I didn't!

School zones bug the heck out of me...all those cars zipping past without any regard for the safety of those children. Now that Thing 1 is going to be walking to his new school this fall, Lesley has been trying to at least get a crosswalk marked on a somewhat busy street.

Our local newspaper came out today and there was a very illuminating article about school speed zones. Look at these 2 situations...are they the same?

Not by a long shot! Seems the sign of the left with the speed zone in yellow is merely a SUGGESTION folks! That's right, non enforceable!!!!! To be enforceable the speed must be displayed with black lettering on a white background! Who knew about that slight difference? The reporter talked to some of the local RCMP's where the signs are not white and they replied "No Comment". The town council(s) just had a very public and rude awakening!

Slow the end, the pedestrian/cyclist always loses in a collision with a motorized vehicle.


Pumpkin said...

Very interesting Berta. I didn't know that. I guess it doesn't make any difference though because most people don't obey them to beging with :o(

Bliss said...


Wendy said...

It just doesn't make sense to be speeding in a school zone at any time of day! But people will anyways.....just got to get some place those few seconds faster.