Monday, June 16, 2008

Half of June is gone already!

Well I have everything up to and including #15 (from June 2's schedule) done with 1 small exception. I didn't get the painting of DD1's hallway done. Just to stir things up, her 6 month old car decided to break down on her way to work. I picked her up just as the city's finest showed up - she was still on the road of a busy stretch of road. She got to work, DH stayed and waited for the tow truck. Then we followed the car, got it booked into the shop, made arrangements for a rental. Went back to DH, dropped off a London Fog tea, and poked around the shops waiting for her lunch break. We took her over, she got her rental and then we carried on with our day. Today she called to say the axle gave out, so a new part is being shipped out asap and everything is under warranty.

DH has an extra road trip thrown into the mix...At 5:20 pm he learned he HAD to attend a meeting in Cowtown @ 7:40 am tomorrow. Gee whiz, we live 4 hours away....someone is in bed already! The meeting is all about one of this year's Calgary Stampede parade pancake breakfast in the downtown core. DH thinks it could attract ~ 12,000 - now that's a lot of pancake flipping! top it off...DH was gifted a pair of awesome tickets to Cirque du Soleil's performance on Thursday...and he's out of town. Lucky me...I got to pick a dear friend to accompany me...but we'll try hard not to have fun! lol!

We had a great visit with Jo & her DH....Jo is doing very well but still on heavy medications. Her spirit is so beautiful, so uplifting and could it not be a happy ending. (I so want to live in that bubble forever!) The cancer is in her spine and right hip and she has a cracked vertebrae. Her Mom and 2 sisters and a niece were down as well as the children/grandchildren. Such a loving family - lots of support and laughter.

I've had no word about Sharon's news may not be a good thing in this case. But again, a loving family that pulls together.

We held DD's shower at a dinner was Frazier:The College Years. There were 10 of us, all laughing our heads off. Between courses there were gifts of all shapes & types..lingerie, kitchenware,spa experiences and a book filled with love coupons! That's DD dancing a tango, onstage with Frazier himself. I wished the night could have lasted was that much fun.
No stitching progress....but it's not too far away. The chairs are calling me!!!! I'm not sure when they start but I do plan on getting summer's done during summer 2008 - I added 2008 so there's no misunderstanding or my wiggling out of it! lol

But I hope you are all well, doing what you enjoy most with those who are so dear to you!


Margaret said...

Lucky you - tickets for Cirque. Which show will you be seeing?

Sounds like you had an amazing time at DD's shower. All of you must be soooooo busy with preparations.

My prep work for 'Seasonal Chairs' is done so I'm all set to go. Things are going to be crazy around here in the coming months (more about that another time) but 'Chairs' will take top priority each season. Do we start 06/21?

It is so nice that Bliss will also be joining us. Fun to have the Three Musketeers working on the another SAL together.

Have a good week.

Pumpkin said...

You've been one busy girl! I can't wait to hear about your night at Cirque :o)

Your DD's shower looks like it was a lot of fun! I've never heard of a Dinner Theater before.

I wish you and your dear ones the best and just keep that positive attitude. ((((HUGS))))