Sunday, June 01, 2008

What do you mean - the weekend is almost over?!

Time is going much too fast. So fast I can not remember the last time I was just sitting there thinking how bored I am!!!! There's too much life to live.

Saturday was spent in the yard. Joe scrubbed down the deck as I weeded and weeded some more. We then did some planting before breaking for an awesome BBQ supper along with fresh steamed beets greens and swiss chard...from our own garden no less!

What should have been a restful night's sleep before the JDR Run for the Cure was anything but. No less than 3 parties broke up around our area and decided to chat about it in the still of the night. the last incident was @ 5am...! I'm not a happy camper. If the opportunity arises, I will say something to the homeowner.

Joe and his troop of volunteers headed for the JDR walk shortly after 8 and we ended up feeding between 2 & 3000 hungry walkers. After the first 500, who's counting! They almost all showed up at the same time ans I was unpackaging buns for 2 solid hours. 4 people were handing them out, 3 people on the grills and a couple of extra helpers to go for re-supplies from the refrigerator truck. The good news, we weren't responsible for re-supplying the condiments! We were bushed when we got home and we haven't moved very fast or far since. The weather held out for an excellent turnout. We don't know how much money was raised but Joe's co-worker Monica, managed ~$14,000! It helps that they had the president and vice presidents of the company arrested by one of the filed supervisors who happens to be an auxiliary RCMP. The tactic worked out well and they successful raised enough bail money to continue their day!

Hope you had a great weekend...can't wait to see what joys are coming our way this week!

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Pumpkin said...

My goodness, you had a busy weekend! That must have been a load of hamburgers ;o)