Monday, June 02, 2008

Who has time?

As I turned my calendar page yesterday, I realized just how full it is for this month!
  1. JDR Walk for the Cure bbq
  2. Upload photos for Dad's present
  3. Dad's birthday - 82!
  4. DD1's second bridal gown fitting
  5. Cody doggie salon date /Stain back deck
  6. Travel south for Saturday (4hrs)
  7. The Underwear Affair: Uncover the Cure 5 km walk! Thanks Pumpkin, rebel and all my sponsors!
  8. Travel home, mow, water, weed & prepare for upcoming week
  9. Sew up tabs for DD2's hall curtains
  10. Gather up all the birthday, bridal shower goodies, mow, weed, water
  11. Travel south for SU class (4 hrs)
  12. Babysit for DD2 and/or paint DD1's hallway
  13. DD1's bridal shower & DH's birthday!
  14. celebrate DH birthday and/or early Father's Day
  15. Travel home, mow water, weed, prepare for another week
  16. Pack DH for upcoming trip
  17. Prep fabric for 4 Season Chair SAL w/Margaret!
  18. Find my shoes for July wedding
  19. Hosting Bill Pratt (who set up my meeting with Chef Michael Smith!) & Garden Club anniversary!
  20. ?
  21. Stitch on summer chair!!!!!!
  22. Make/buy wedding card for Gary & Karen
  23. Find/confirm dog sitter for Cody
  24. ?
  25. ?
  26. ?
  27. Travel day for wedding (7 hrs)
  28. Gary & Karen's wedding and photo shoot with Dad & DGS3
  29. Travel day from wedding
  30. BBQ & Housewarming @ Shawn & Tammy's
I'm sure there's more that my poor brain has decided not to remember until the last minute. I wish everyone a great June and I'll try and post as often as I can!


Pumpkin said...

THUNK! That was me passing out from just reading your to-do list for this month ;o)

Check in when you can. I'll be anxious to hear how the Underwear Affair goes!

Bliss said...

Can you see me lying on the floor next to Cathey - exhaustion set in fast just reading that list. I hope, though, that you enjoy the lead-up to the wedding & the event itself.