Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feeling more like my old self!

Well...not my OLD self...but you know what I mean. Life is to be lived and enjoyed and I'm back at full strength.

We have a long weekend approaching and we were supposed to host the family but someone forgot they had theater tickets so I'm heading south to babysit, DH now has a Pow Wow of elders to feed so we are going separate ways. I think we are all meeting up Sunday for a turkey dinner. ***Note to self - Bring the turkey!***

Monday I'll be coming home with some precious cargo - the 2 grand boys! Joey has been wondering when he would be visiting me and his little brother Alex has decided to join in...the more the merrier! Not sure what we will do - the weather has begun to cool significantly but there are lots of playgrounds to inspect and challenge as well as all kinds of creepy crawlers to capture. That's a boy thing, but never show them your fear or they will chase you with these creatures! And then we all head south again Friday...Alex has a birthday party on Saturday...his big 5! Should be fun.

DH and I have taken the plunge and bought season tickets to the AB ballet. The line up sounds great and it should be well worth the money. It's nice to do something other than catch a hockey game or a theater is so much nicer. I'm quite looking forward to The Fiddle and The Drum, based on the music of Joni Mitchell. I've loved her work since my first copy of Court and Spark.

I am lagging so far behind in the chair but I think my mind is settling down that I should be back on track shortly. Hope you are all well and there are no frogs in sight!


Anonymous said...

Berta please visit my blog. I have got a little surprise waiting for you there.

All the best,

Pumpkin said...

I'd say you must have had a wonderful time with the grandkiddies :o) Yes, never show them your fears of such creatures. LOL! You are learning well.

DH and I keep wanting to buy season tickets to our theatre here but something seems to always come up and that money goes out the window :oS