Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I think I'll make it!

Only 17 days until the wedding, I still don't have shoes...but... still have time, right?

Today I'm exhausted with a cause. For years I've been pestering to no avail for DH to get tested for sleep apnea. Well he did finally have it done last week. What changed his mind...separate bedrooms! He snores so loud, I wasn't getting any sleep. As it is, I still wake up through the night by his racket down the hall. Today he got the r4esults back and he has a severe case! He picks up his CPAP machine tomorrow for a 1 month free trial. I am so looking forward to this upcoming month!

I've found my allergies have swung into high gear after our trip south on Saturday. Lots of dust, prairie grass and +36'C temps. Sunday wasn't much cooler but we had the A/C on in the vehicle on our drive home. Home was +33.6'C on Monday...and we spent most of our time outside. What are the signs of heat stroke?

Tuesday was Canada Day and we did a project we had been procrastinating over - we are happy with the results. But the days have taken their toll, I'm so tired...and there's still so much of summer I want to enjoy! I'm stitching summer in Four Season Chairs...Margaret is also doing summer, but she brought up a great point...Bliss in in the southern hemisphere, so is she working on winter? Oh well, it's all good.

I must close this and go for a eyes are very very heavy....take care all...

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Pumpkin said...

It's really getting close isn't it!

Oh dear :o( That's not good when you have to sleep in another bedroom. Brie snores like a drunken sailor. I might have to get her one of those machines. LOL! Hopefully that will help DH.