Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's Official!

Joe got the call from his sleep test...apparently the doctor who reads and interprets the information requested that Joe get a machine ASAP. Joe's oxygen levels went as low as 60% with him not breathing on average of 59 times per hour. That's a lot of air not going to the brain & body.

So, this morning Joe picked up a machine and he has it on a free 1 month trial. He's quite excited about it all once the technician explained that his metabolism and energy levels should pick up significantly in the not so distant future. It may be like turning back the hands of time...more energy, sharper mind and a healthier body. There should be less stress on the heart IE lower high blood pressure, which in turn should be better news for the kidneys. Bonus...the excess weight should return to a more normal level.

When I think back on all this, the high blood pressure and the news of Berger Disease all seems to have happened around the time that Joe had his nose surgery and then laser treatment on his throat. Coincidence perhaps. But I'm very excited to see how this all plays out. First step, I'll let Joe back into the bedroom! He went to sleep down the hall so I could get some sleep because I was struggling through my days after sleepless nights next to my champion snorer.

Thanks Joe for finally getting this checked out...for all of us!


Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

YEA JOE! As the wife of someone who has been using a CPAP machine for the last two years, I know what a blessing they are! My DH is a champion as well, even on his stomach so I agree, those machines are heaven sent!

Margaret said...

Wonderful that Joe gets to try the machine out for a month. What a relief for you all that he has taken this step.

It's the final countdown to the wedding. Hope you find the perfect shoes. Have a wonderful celebration.

I've started the summer chair. What a fun piece to stitch. Frederick is framed and so are the Nutcrackers. They look great. Will share them in September.

Pumpkin said...

That's awesome Berta! I really hope it does make things better, not only in the noise department but with DH's health issues as well. It's amazing how that really affects your body :oS

Wendy said...

How wonderful that he is so eager to use the machine! A lot of people resist it...but once they realize how much better they feel, they won't do without it. I hope he has great success with it! And you'll get a more restful night too!!