Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still here but no stitching

I truly messed up my summer chair...sorry ladies for letting you down. I will be restarting this for the fourth time this weekend. Some of it was poor fabric choice, careless counting and a drop of tea on the latest fabric. sigh...I am determined to have summer & fall completed as scheduled with photos!!!!I need to do this for my own sanity if nothing else. And I just adore this pattern.

On the other front, our family has gone from the 2 of us to 4. Nephews B & K moved in with all their belongings. Despite having 2 guest rooms, we did have a full house of furniture and stuff. Now the slow process of finding appropriate spots for their things. Our camper is a temporary storage locker for the off season things.

K had a difficult start in our local high school. Seems just days before the new year was to begin the provincial government brought in a new policy and on first look, K was being excluded from any school without us going to court and paying a lawyer a huge amount of money. But I persisted with the phone calls, drafted a letter to the Minister of Education, our local MLA and to a friend who works the city desk of the provincial capital's main newspaper. Good news, we didn't need any of those measures...they looked deeper into the new bill and decided that yes, K could attend school here. The really good news is he only missed 1 day of formal instruction and so far, he's doing very well in all his classes and slowly making acquaintances.

B continues to work long hours but he's enjoying every minute, so there's no problem with him getting up in the morning. He's put on 10lbs of badly needed weight - he was undernourished before. Finances are falling into place, he has a workable budget and he's planning for his future.

I've been walking seriously for the past month. Most days it's predawn with my dear friend and her dog. We do ~ 2.75 miles each day before she cleans up and heads to the office for the day. No change in the weigh scale but my pants are beginning to get that saggy look! Yay!

DH has new responsibilities at work...he got the project he was after, so he's pleased but very busy. The CPAP machine is working very well, he's well rested and so am I! Win to wait for the insurance cheque to arrive to cover 80% of the unit.

I'm putting the final touches on my grandson JR's quilt...I got way behind when all the household issues got turned upside down. But I'm slowly getting my stitching corner cleared to find someplace to store 2 sets of men's hockey equipment! I don't recall the girls' Barbie things taking up this much room!


Pumpkin said...

You have been busy!

Sorry about your cross stitch project :o( I have to say, you're persistent though! LOL!

Bliss said...

Don't stress about the SAL, Sweetie. Welcome to the club about poor fabby choices. Never mind. Next time will be good. I haven't touched my stitching for over 2 weeks. Goodness knows when I'll get back to it.

Margaret said...

Sounds like you have had a busy but wonderful summer Berta. Seeing your daughter married must have been such a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures with us.

Sorry to hear our SAL is being a pain in the neck. Just take your time and enjoy.

Have a good week.