Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in the saddle

Hi Everyone! I finally felt like stitching and have gotten off to a good start although I am being super cautious with each and every stitch. I'm confident that my stitch faux pas are behind me...touch wood. I pulled out the colours for both the summer & autumn chairs as I'm a bit behind...I'm really excited about this and can't wait to have enough progress to post a photo in the coming week.

Isn't this the cutest autumn tote? I seen this through a newsletter I get from ePatterns. I may just have to order that!

Garden wise, we have had some exceptional weather and I've been busy outdoors. Our garden club met last night for our annual autumn perennial swap. I brought in Hens & Chicks, Snow in Summer and Jacob's Ladder and came home with FleaBane, Lady's mantle and of all things...a baby birch tree!!!! I've always wanted one since our Calgary home. I just loved the feel, look and colour of the white bark against the green leaves. Right now the tree is but a mere twig but I'm pumped up about finding the perfection location for it. I'm torn between tucking it into a flower bed until it matures a bit or planting it in its final spot and hoping it doesn't come to, dogs, lawn mower etc.

We are enjoying an over abundance of tomatoes, as are many of the other club members. Seems though that I'm the only one who had an issue with the cylinder beets. Carrots will get harvested in the next week or so. They are so tasty straight from the ground. It's so easy to pull one, wash it off and munch away as I go through the yard.

The boys are doing well from DH down to our student. DH is being challenged at work but it's all stuff he enjoys, is good at and thrives from. His DVA claim has gone to a review board yet again, and we won't hear anything until the new year. B is still loving his job as professional truck driver. He passed his Class 3 with ease and has done the required courses and orientations. He can go almost anywhere. K is continuing to amaze us with his marks from tests and assignments. Before he was pulling in 52 & 54 in his ON school, now he's getting 100% or more. Seems a few of his teachers like to pose bonus questions to challenge thier minds and K has been acing those. It's so nice that he's loving his classes, and is making friends. This is win win for K, his parents and us!

The house definitely has that MALE feeling. But I'm not going down lightly...still have my pretty touches in the house! But some days, I smell more sweat socks than I do scented candles! lol But if that's my biggest problem, I won't complain. I just have to do more laundry!

Have a great weekend.


Pumpkin said...

I'm looking forward to seeing some stitching pictures again :o)

That tote bag is gorgeous!!!! Is it pre-made or do you make it yourself? I love the pattern.

You're really got a busy household but it's nice to hear that things are working out for the boys.

Alberta said...

Cathey, that tote is one you sew yourself using their pattern...which is very reasonable priced.

Yes the house is busy but in a happy way!Thanks for stopping by,I know how busy you must be, prepping for the house sale.