Friday, September 19, 2008

I hope I've had my 3 bad luck items

It all started head cold was raging, I was coughing or dry hacking most of the day. I felt good enough in the morning to go out for the fajita fixings for supper. When I felt not bad, I got the steak cut into strips and in a marinade. I got the veggies cut. I then started making the guacamole. The avocado wasn't as ripe as I would have liked but I pressed on. Got it mashed up, added a touch of horseradish and a squeeze of a half lemon. It still needed some zip so I got out a new bottle of hot sauce. Took the wrapper off, popped up the lid and proceeded to shake in a couple of squirts.

Well the whole lid came off...I had ~ 1/2 inch of red sauce floating on top of everything else. So I tried to pour off what hadn't immediately soaked in. Because of my head cold..I couldn't taste well, but it seemed OK. Found out this morning that it was a tad bit hot!

So this morning, I start some laundry. Didn't quite have enough liquid HE detergent so I reached up to open the new jug. As soon a I got a half twist off and whole lid came off and there was blue glugs of slippery soap going down my arm, all over the front of the washer, onto the floor! I recapped it as soon as I could but the damage was done. It took 3 loads of double rinses to get the suds out of the machine and clothes. I still have a t-shirt covered in soap...I'll just add that to the next load and call it even. The floor still seems a bit slick. It was so ugly all I could do was laugh and email Joe with news of my adventure.

Then this afternoon I was relaxing in the sunshine working on my seasonal chair cross stitch. I found a bit of tape and didn't think anything of it...stuck it on whatever was around which later ended up in the trash. Not big deal. We had a leisurely supper and I wanted to put in a few more stitches. Then it hit me...that bit of tape was from one of my floss bobbins with the floss number on it!!!!! Now I have one mystery color that I'll have to drag into Michaels and try and ID before my dreaded frogs re-appear. I'll wait until I read Saturday's newspaper in case there a 40% or 50% coupon...may as well make the trip really worth while. I did try to match it online with my monitor. I figured if the colour of a known floss matches the one online, all I had to do was match the unknown...but it wasn't quite a 100% match...more like 75% and I'm not taking any more chances. Road trip to Michaels is in order.

Good night all!

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