Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn 2008 has arrived

Saturday was absolutely gorgeous. I had the whole day to myself...all the males were out of the house, working. I took advantage and spend most of my time outside working in the garden. I had perennials to divide. I potted up a few to share with my girlfriend. I was moving along, enjoying myself until...I got stung!

OMG! I could not have been bent in a more compromising position if I tried. Nice day so I had my lightweight pants on...and I got stung in the behind!!!! A quick dash into the house, knocking over my wheelbarrow of perennials, grabbed my wallet, pulled out a credit card to scrape the sting out. Then some cleaner and a little antiseptic...couldn't hurt anymore than it was at that point. Then a quick rummage through the closet looking for an allergy tablet. By that time I could feel the hives starting to rise along with my blood pressure. I then just sat and waited...

Once I knew I was going to be Okay, I went back outside, cleaned up the mess I had made and set things right. I did call it quits early ...once bitten twice shy!

Later that day I tried stitching but couldn't get comfortable on just one cheek! I'm not taking any chances of having a return frog visit.
This is what my front lawn looks like today. It's cold, raining and all the leaves are falling at an alarming rate. I think I'm going have to get moving to finish putting the garden to bed.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE autumn, all those fall colours. I love wearing sweaters and cords. Scented candles, roaring fire in the hearth....I just wasn't ready for it to arrive so soon!


Pumpkin said...

Oh no! LOL! That little guy couldn't have picked a more perfect spot :oS Glad to hear you're okay.

Margaret said...

Such lovely colors in your autumn yard. Sorry about the bee sting though - that can't have been fun.

Isn't summer a fun piece to stitch!! This is really a great SAL.

Have a good weekend.

Bliss said...

Glorious colours! Here in Brisbane, the hot weather has hit after only 28 days of spring. It was 35C yesterday! The dogs have done a coat shed almost overnight. LOL.

My SAL efforts are somewhat slow. I'm beginning to get the urge to stitch again, but other work commitments are keeping me occupied until at least the second week in December.

Enjoy this week and all it brings.