Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October...where is my time going?

Seems I just posted yesterday and now it's a brand new month of possibilities.

I had another unexpected road trip. Seems the supplies for the Beaver scarves showed up 3 days before they wanted them completed! 40 scarves were the goal and DD's sewing machine was acting up and she had a bust schedule before this so...she called in Mom. I went down with my machine and set up my version of a sweat shop in the basement while she ran her day home upstairs. We had enough fabric for 40 units BUT...they only sent us enough binding for 18 complete. We spent I don't know how many hours driving around the city looking for more but it seems everyone was sewing these! I have since found even trim for 4 more and will run them up this weekend.

I barely got home Friday afternoon when I found K very sick with a fierce head cold. So I never got my shoes off before I was out the door for tissues, cough drops, juice and some chicken soup. While unpacking the groceries and my travel clothes and sewing equipment, the phone rings. DH wants me to do him a favour, run B up to the fight venue. Hey, I wasn't busy...why not?! I was exhausted by the time I got to bed, because I also had laundry to do! Glad I wasn't gone longer...not sure what these males would have done!

I got an hour or so in stitching done this week. It has been so nice outside, I can't help but not be in the garden, enjoying the warm sunshine.
I spotted this HERE The detail is amazing but I'm not sure about its location...what's your thoughts?


Pumpkin said...

Running without steam? I can certainly sympathize :oS

Great progress with your stitching :o)

Hmmmm...interesting. Love the art but the location, not so much ;o)

Bliss said...

Godfather! I'm keen on stitching, but not keen enough to get a tat like that. LOL

Yes, the year is disappearing fast. It's uni exam time in Australia (from now until early December, depending where you study), so no time at all in my household for stitching if I also want to get in some walking. Ah well! Next year it should sober up and settle down.

Have a good weekend, Berta.