Monday, October 27, 2008

Last Monday in October

I snatched this photo from my friend Marsha...I was a good girl and didn't take my camera...I think I was the only one!
Saturday's freak wind storm brought these little snow pellets. A reminder of what is to come!
Not a great shot...I took this as the battery was dying...but it shows you where I am on Autumn.
Can't wait to see this develop! I think I will save the pumpkin for last. On Summer...I saved the sunglasses. It's like the cherry on top of a sundae...the anticipation!


Pumpkin said...

LOL! How can they stop cell phones with cameras? ;o)

Yikes! The white stuff! Keep it, keep it!!!!

Oh, autumn is coming along nicely :o)

mumzy said...

I'm sure it is hard to keep all cameras out, but they do try.

Snow flurries that didn't stick to the ground a week ago was enough for me. Just heard that Ottawa is expecting a fair amount of snow today. Please keep it everywhere else but here.

Can't wait to see Autumn finished.

Margaret said...

Oh my - SNOW!!! Thank goodness we don't have that here yet although autumn has certainly arrived. I guess I'm just not a winter person. Could that be because I was raised in Northern Ontario and have experienced enough of it?

Great start on autumn. The colors on this one are once again everything we could want in an seasonal picture.

Sounds like Celine was a big succes.

Will email you & Bliss later today.