Friday, October 24, 2008

Love or Hate her...I LOVE HER!

The her?

None other than the Diva herself...Celine Dion! She's in town for the first of 2 sold out concerts...and Joe & I have tickets for tonight's extravaganza!

Just to close the loop...why should I mess with my great no job for me!!! happy Dance! I'm flattered but "No thanks!"

Autumn now has a border and a goldish base....I am so enjoying this the chair and the colours!

Today's thought...I work on my problems and then I release them.

Have a great weekend!


Bliss said...

I like Celine Dion's music. Dunno nothing about her personality.

Margaret said...

Your summer chair turned out beautifully. Isn't this a fun project? I love it.

Have a wonderful time at the Celine Dion concert. She was at Caesars in Las Vegas for three years or so to sold out audiences.

Pumpkin said...

Have fun at the concert Berta :o) I love her music but don't care much for her. Sorry!