Monday, January 05, 2009

Wonderful start to 2009!

I do have the best family and the best friends a person could ever imagine! Despite January 2 being a Friday, it sure felt like a Monday. It was good to get the decorations back into their boxes. The rooms seems so clear and uncluttered now, and that reflects my mood...I'm at peace!

I had another birthday...I thought I canceled these past few ones!... but it was all good. Bliss was first with the best wishes, then an email from dear MP in Goa India and it went on and on and dear girl friend from high school called and we talked for well over an hour. My next door neighbour friend stopped by with a little something...scented reeds...vanilla, just luscious!...the kids called, my sister called, the emails, whew...I'm still saying thank you! It was awesome. And my dear husband, well he treated me like a queen. We went out to the city's best Sunday brunch...booked the table way back in early December. We had a lovely table by the window overlooking the river valley. The salads were out of this world and the desserts...ah what can I say but I skipped the omelet station so I could have a very decadent piece of apple pie! We then went and I got a book I've been eyeing and the day just seemed to go on forever! Thanks everyone for making it so special.

Today is back to business. Kevin arrived safe and sound from his 2 week Christmas holiday sans 1 bag of clothes! We've checked every couple of hours for the past 2 days, and no sign of it yet. I'll try today and then start the paperwork for our intention to claim. The good news, it was his clothes which can be replaced more easily than gifts he just received.

Stitching wise, I've been slacking. With Dad passing I really wasn't focusing much...didn't want to tempt the return of the frogs. I did pick it up yesterday and take a look at where I am, so later today I hope to settle in for a spell of / & \.

Hope you are all well and looking forward to a marvelous year. Thanks for stopping by! Take care.

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Pumpkin said...

AHHH! I missed another birthday while I was gone :o( Happy (belated) Birthday Berta! It sounds like it was a special one though.