Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's been a good day

I've had some great positive feedback for our situation, as has Joe...seems we are feeling the love from family and friends.

This happened now for a very good reason, not sure if we can see it yet, but we are looking forward.

Little did I now that Joe was feeling great pressure at work, trying to keep all his responsibilities going as smoothly as possible. The company is re-structuring and they seem to think 1 man can handle what 3 did last Friday...not much has changed except the company bottom line and middle management had to go.

So we are reviewing what we have, what we want/need and will decide accordingly. Our children want us to move closer to them and Joe's family think we should move back to NB...so we are being welcomed in every direction we could think of.

We are living 100%.


mumzy said...

Where in NB is Joe's family from? We would love to have you more this way. We live very near to Harvey, York County, and it is a very pretty and very friendly place to live. I also understand your kids wanting you closer to them. We have just one child - Cathey and as of March, she is moving to NS and that will be the first time that she will be away from us. However, her hubby has changed his career and job an so, we understand and wish them both the very best in the future.

Your hubby's being under so much pressure was not good for his health and it is obviously in his best interest to have been layed off. THings have a way of working out for the better.

{{{Prayers and Hugs to You and Yours}}}

Maren said...

I am so sorry to hear about your hubby, but you guys certainly seem to have the right and positive attitude. We went through this very thing two years ago. My DH is now working with a different company, in a different state, but is so much happier than he ever could have been at his last place. I wish you both good luck as you plan out how to proceed next into your new future. My fingers are crossed for you and I'm sending you positive thoughts.

Pumpkin said...

I'm hoping that all goes well for you and your family. Hey, like Mum(zy) said, if you move to NB, you'll already know a few of us ;o) Fingers crossed that things go smoothly. ((((HUGS))))

Margaret said...

Oh Berta, I am so sorry to hear that DH was laid off. What a shock it must have been to you but hopefully in the end things will work out even better for you than you could imagine. Good for you both - counting your many blessings. It is at times like this when we truly realize how important it is to live each day to the fullest. We so often worry about the future but each day in our lives is so important in its own right and deserves to be treated that way.

Sending positive vibes your way and of course a big hug.

love, Margaret