Monday, February 02, 2009

Rainy day arrived unexpectedly

DH had noticed some subtle things and today came with him getting laid off. He wasn't quite sure what to think...first time for this sort of thing. But then he's only ever had 2 jobs over the past 36 years!

He was offered a severance package but I'm still numb, so numb I can't think straight so we will sleep on it and look at it Tuesday...or Wednesday.

We will be looking at this as an opportunity...we were already planning his retirement, now we have a chance to start early and perhaps in a new location. In the meantime, no sudden financial moves and big decisions. We are very excited...downsize, move, new adventures...the world is ours to enjoy!


mumzy said...

I'm sure that it is a shock to you for your husband's lost of a job. Glad to see you are looking at it as a new experience. Hope all works out to your best interest.


Pumpkin said...

Oh Berta, I'm SO sorry to hear about this! It would come as a shock for sure :o( I hope for the best and keep us updated. ((((HUGS))))