Monday, February 02, 2009

Hello Mr Groundhog!

The sun isn't up yet, but our forecast is for a bright day so I'm sure our groundhog will be like his eastern Canada cousins, see his shadow and forecast 6 more weeks of winter. But that's okay by me...I still have work to do on my winter chair and I have yet to put in my seed order for this year's garden. And I'd trade a dull spring day for a bright cold winter one in a heart beat!

So I made my January goal of getting my quilt top completely pieced. If JR goes down for a nap after lunch I plan on taking over the kitchen floor and get it all sandwiched together. If he doesn't...well I'll do it on Tuesday after he heads home.

We had a great time at the mall, not too many shoppers - they must have stayed home to watch the super bowl. We got some lovely dishes for JR...his favorite character, Mickey Mouse as well as a CAR sandwich plate. HL got a nice stash of B&BW soaps and hand sanitizers.
Dancing Waters is one of my favorites. Joe then took us out for a lunch...JR decided he doesn't like sweet potato fries dipped in a curry mayo...I didn't care for it either!

Today we will go and get more microfibre cloths @ Costco and maybe pick up a new book for JR...he is quite good with them and has a lot of favorites, especially Thomas the Tank. Seems like his visit is coming to a quick close and he's growing up so fast. He loves to colour the bottom edge of my chalkboard that I have on my pantry door. Who knows, soon he'll be printing his name!

February goals include completing the quilting on UPSTREAM, finishing winter chair and getting my garden planned out. A friend was telling me about some of the tasty heirloom tomatoes she grew last year and I think I'm going to try a variety or 2. Also I have to go through my fabric stash and plan my next little project, another girlfriend is having an April birthday and I want to do a heart wall hanging for her, but that's a secret! This will be my first try at applique in a very long while! Wish me luck!

OT-Our experienced a wicked wind storm late Friday night, gusts between 98 & 126 MPH and we have some roof damage. I'll be pulling out the papers and calling it in - then the wait for an adjuster to access the damage. The good news, we aren't alone, others also have fences blown down, aerials bent and so forth. We have $500 deductible so it could be iffy whether we put in a claim and rick higher premiums or just pay out of pocket. We'll see...someone else can climb up there and let me know their learned opinion! Fingers crossed for a quick resolution.

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mumzy said...

Yes, the Nova Scotia groundhog did see his shadow but ours which is located about 30 minutes away from us did not see his shadow so hopefully, we will have an early Spring. I'm tired of all that snow.

Sounds like you have a great time at the Mall and the little one seems to know what he wants. It's great that he likes books - good beginning.

Looking forward to seeing your winter chair finished.

Have a great day