Friday, January 30, 2009


This is UPSTREAM, my baby quilt for this year's Underwear Affair charity auction. You can view other items on the auction block at Tarts & Tallywackers. Later this morning I shall be clearing out the kitchen, washing the floor before starting the sandwiching process...I always like doing that because it seems to be almost done at this point. I'm going to outline stitch the individual fish and then do a loose wave across the blue blocks. Should be fun!
Here is my winter chair, I love how the shutters and window have come to life even before the backstitching!

Besides working on back and sending info to the lawyers for Dad's estate, I have been reading. I have ebooks, audio books and old fashioned paper books! My latest read was The Murder List by Julie Garwood. i thoroughly enjoyed her style of writing and will definitely look for more of her works.

We have our eldest daughter and youngest grandson coming for a weekend visit. I'm so glad I got my camera figured out...someone did play with the buttons! We'll be heading for West Edmonton Mall on Sunday for a visit to Bath & Body Works...more yummy indulgences! Have a great weekend.


mumzy said...

The winter chair project is really looking nice. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

Your trip to the Mall should be a fun and wonderful event.

Maren said...

How cute! I LOVE Upstream! Good lord, that must have taken forever!

Margaret said...

Your quilt top is stunning Berta. Congratulations!!

This SAL is such fun - I love each and every seasonal chair. You are so right about the winter window. It is so welcoming.

How wonderful to have your daughter & children visiting. Don't spend toooooo much money at the mall.(LOL)