Monday, March 02, 2009

Marching along

You know it's been a while since you last blogged when you have trouble remembering your sign in info! But I'm here now, so here are a few updates...

Joe is now looking into retraining for a different line of work, not sure what, but he's checking things out. We got a lot of those annoying little tasks done around the house and that's a bonus from this unexpected lay off.

So, that means I haven't been stitching. My winter chair is looking a bit neglected.

We had a successful fundraiser for Team Tars and Tallywacker's 2009 Underwear Affair. My contribution UPSTREAM quilt was well received and the winner of this auction item was quite excited to be taking it home. Strangely enough, I won her lovely tote bag filled with pretty costume jewelery and some luscious bath products! There was a huge smile on my face! Next year, Leeanne suggested my quilt be about ladybugs, but seeing as it should be unisex, I may have to add some dragonflies. Now to prefect my applique methods!!!!

Sad news in the nephew department. I thought things were going well, we bought him a laptop for homework research and such and shortly after found out he broke the 1 house rule that was a non negotiable. So he is returning to the care of his parents, specifically his Mom. We had quite disappointed but the lesson will be learned the hard way.

This weekend is Dad's funeral service. It's the first chance my sister and other family can travel. I'll be glad when it's all done. The legal stuff is progressing...all my papers were notarized and returned, now they have to sign theirs off and then we go to court. If all goes well, I will be able to administer Dad's estate and finalize his last income tax return and all that entails. I still have not been able to locate my brother, but I'm sure once there is a number involved, he'll show himself.

Taxes are looking pretty good, got a bit more RRSP's to keep from writing a cheque. Looked that baby up in a GIC, so it's secure.

I'll be pulling out some gardening stuff after the funeral...I feel the need to get my hands into the dirt even if it's just starting some seeds indoors!

Take care all...hopefully there will be some stitching progress next posting!


Maren said...

I'm not surprised that the winner of your quilt was happy. That was one truly lovely quilt. I'd love to see what you could do with dragonflies and ladybugs. :)

I'm sorry to hear about your nephew, but there's one in every family. Sometimes learning the hard way is the best way.

CindyMae said...

I do pray that you have safe travels for your dad's funeral. I am sorry for your loss. I am also sorry about your husband's job lay off as well as the way things went with your nephew! I am praying for your family!

Pumpkin said...

That's awesome Berta!!!! Congrats :o)

I'm sorry to hear about your nephew. Whatever he did I take it it was not good :oS We all have to learn, even if it is the hard way.

Good luck to DH. I hope he finds something that he will truly enjoy doing.